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Often presented as the heart of your home, the kitchen is an essential place of interaction. This is why Rénos Centre offers you a wide range of color and material options for the design of your cabinets.




Whether you opt for melamine, polyester, thermoplastic or wood, you will find cabinets in your kitchen. We offer all-in-one services that will cover your project from A to Z.

Melamine Cabinet

Very accessible, Melamine is a wise choice that offers resistance to stains, shocks and scratches. It is also offered in different finishes (matte, glossy, satin) and in different aspects (smooth or structured).

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Polyester cabinet

Excellent value for money, this very versatile material offers a great resemblance to solid wood and demonstrates excellent wear resistance. You will give your kitchen a refined style at an affordable price!

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Thermoplastic Cabinet

Easy to maintain, this molded product offers great stability and is available in a wide range of color and pattern choices. Thermoplastic will give your kitchen a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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Wooden Cabinet

Offering a timeless and customizable look, you will have a kitchen with a unique look, because each species of tree has its own texture, its own color and its own grain. Easy to paint and stain, this material will also allow you to change the appearance of your kitchen over time.

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To discuss with our team the available options to you, contact our kitchen expert without delay for personalized advice and a detailed quote.

Your satisfaction is our pride and we will be happy to accompany you through all the stages of your project:

  • Site visit and initial measurements
  • Detailed 2D and 3D plans
  • Validation of accessories, colors and choice of final materials
  • Take final measurements for production and put into production
  • Delivery and installation
  • After sales service

Rénos Centre, because you want to treat yourself to a trendy kitchen that will inspire you in your culinary creations.

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2021 / Rénovation cuisine – Pierrefonds (après)

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