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As the choice of your countertops is of great importance when it’s time to give your kitchen a makeover, working together with a specialized team is necessary. At Rénos Centre, we offer you personalized support to create your dream all-in-one kitchen.

Several choices of materials are offered to you for the choice of your work surface, here are some of them:

Laminate counter

The most affordable option on the market, laminate is a non-reflective and stain-resistant base material that offers you excellent value for money in addition to being available in a multitude of colors and finishes.

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Granite counter

A high-end choice for kitchen counters, this natural stone is incredibly durable. You will have with granite a unique product giving an elegant aspect to your kitchen.

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Quartz counter

One of the most popular choices, quartz is a highly versatile material that offers increased durability and incredible stain resistance. Its easy maintenance and natural stone appearance gives it recognized practical value.

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Wooden counter

Commonly known as a “butcher board or block,” this countertop is often used in combination with other materials. It will bring a whole new dimension to your kitchen with its authentic look and its great potential for use in the preparation of dishes.

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To find out about the other materials available* or to discuss the options available to you with our team, contact our kitchen expert for personalized advice and a detailed quote.

Your satisfaction is our pride and we will be happy to accompany you through all the stages of your project :

  • Site visit and initial measurements
  • Detailed 2D and 3D plans
  • Validation of accessories, colors and choice of final materials
  • Take final measurements for production and put into production
  • Delivery and installation
  • After sales service

Rénos Centre, because you want to treat yourself to a trendy kitchen that will inspire you in your culinary creations.

*We also offer materials such as: Stainless Steel and Dekton.

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2020 / Rénovation cuisine – Longueuil (après)
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