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Whether you opt for a more classic model or a more urban one, our patio doors are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Do not leave any criterion aside, because all of these Patio doors will offer you; performance, durability, easy rolling and fuel efficiency!


INOVA Patio Door: Entirely made in Quebec, the INOVA Patio Door combines sturdiness with a timeless design, allowing it to adapt to all project styles.

  • Structural strength | Reinforced mullion
  • Sealing | Welded and co-extruded opening shutter
  • Resistance | Anodized aluminum threshold
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ÉLÉMENT Patio Door: Distinguish yourself by choosing the ÉLÉMENT Patio Door. Available in double or triple units, it will charm you with its refined design and great versatility.

  • Versatile | Wide range of colors and configuration choices
  • Intimate | Allows the addition of built-in blinds
  • Sustainable | Blending Excellence
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URBANIA patio door: Clean lines, large glazed and elegant surface, qualities that go hand in hand with the URBANIA model. Entirely made of aluminum, the URBANIA Patio Door meets the highest quality standards.

  • Comfort | Innovative thermal breaks and weatherstripping
  • Luminous | Spectacular view and opening
  • Prestigious | Configuration offering the widest opening in the range
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Lifting and sliding door

LOFT patio door: Composed of two oversized panels, it will impress you with its simplicity and durability. Redefine your living space with the LOFT Patio Door!

  • Size | Suitable for large configuration formats
  • Audacity | Lift-and-slide mechanism for a huge opening shutter
  • Trust | 3-point lock for maximum security


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2020 / Rénovation cuisine – Longueuil (après)

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