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Made from an exceptional quality, they are the only windows tested at -30 Celsius degrees.

These windows meet the highest standard in terms of durability, security and energy efficient performance. For each of these windows, a vast selection of handles, panels, tiles, materials and colors are available.

Hybrids (Aluminum and PVC)

Known for their high energy efficiency, these high quality windows, that combine Aluminum (outside) and PVC (inside), are offered in different models :

Casement and Awning window

Created to add to your pieces a unique aspect without compromise, the casement and awning windows offer robustness, energy performance and durability.*

  • Durability and Strength | Rigidity and solidity of the frames
  • Superior insulation | Interior shutter located in the insulated part of the partition
  • Unparalleled waterproofness | Trim design


*Hybrid version available

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Sliding window

Suitable for the smallest spaces, sliding windows, by their design, will maximize brightness and visibility at a very advantageous price/quality ratio.

  • Energy efficiency | Triple weatherstripping to keep you warm
  • Versatile | Available in single or double
  • Performance design | Smooth glide


*Hybrid version available

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Sash window

With an innovative design, these high-end windows with sleek profiles will bring a rustic or modern elegance to your home with an unequaled concern for energy efficiency.

  • 2 openings | Allows ideal circulation in hot weather
  • Easy to maintain | Inward tilting panels
  • Safe | Self-closing lock


*Hybrid version available

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Tilt and turn

These European-inspired multifunctional windows allow interior opening on 2 axes. This range of windows can boast of surpassing thermal performance thanks to the energy-efficient glass with which they are made.

  • Ventilation | Design acts as a natural air conditioner
  • Innovators | Tilting and hinged opening
  • Optimal | Passivhaus certification – LEED – ENERGY STAR ®


*Hybrid version available

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